Character Registration

Interaction in character requires an account dedicated to each character that you are playing. The account's name should match the public name of the character you are playing. The titles for the character should also be updated to reflect the most recent public titles the character has.

Registration Steps

In order to make it easier to have multiple accounts this forum utilizes the Account Switcher plugin. The general process to get this set up is as follows.

  1. Sign up with an account user your preferred user name that will be the primary account. Each of your character accounts will be attached, either publicly or privately, to this account.
  2. Activate your account. You should receive an email telling you how to do this.
  3. Logout
  4. Sign up again with a new account with a username matching your character's name. You will have to pick a unique email address for your character. I suggest using the "+" gmail syntax to have multiple email addresses associated with one inbox. For example, "" becomes "".
  5. Activate the account.
  6. Log back in to your primary account
  7. Click on User CP
  8. Click on Account Switcher
  9. Search for your character account name and associate it.
Now you should be able to quickly switch between characters.