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Welcome Aboard, Omae
I've noticed a few new faces showing up lately.  I already know a bit about most of you, or you wouldn't have login access, but i figured you could use a space to let other people in the community know what you do, and what kind of work you're looking for.
So, have at it.  I'm also about to drop a file that relates to a job *someone* is sure to be looking to hire a team for, though which side remains to be seen.
Legion Out
Hoi there chummers, you can call me Gemini.

If there's something you need, be it the latest SOTA gear, the name of that one guy (who did the thing), or better yet, a Secret somewhere out on the net, drop me a line. Likewise, if you have one of the above, and are looking to get fair compensation for it, I can help with that too (did someone say data haven?)! I do my best to give my friends friend prices, but if they're on the high end, I assure you you'll get what you pay for.

Case in point, let's talk about everyone's favorite member of the genus: corvidae, the EScrow. Escrow is where Mr. Johnson and his team of shadowrunners aren't on a first name basis, so to facilitate trust, Mr. J gives his credstick to a third party, and that third party sits on it until the run is complete. If the run goes pear-shaped, the credstick goes back to Mr. J. But if the run is finished, there's no worry about Mr. J running out on the bill or trying to turn our young runner's lives into a Chinese curse so to speak, as the third party already has the pay.

I prefer to use an escrow for any work I have done, but I'm also happy to hold your payment in escrow for jobs you do. Just let me know!

Other things to note are that I think it's best for both of us if you keep the details of any crimes you may commit between you and your team, safely out of any of my business. This let's me touch base with contacts I have in security teams such as Knight Errant and LoneStar without any conflict of interest.

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