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List of Services Offered:
Need to know something - Ask! I'll pull some strings and get back to you. Questions are free, answers may cost Nuyen. Information will be among the following:
0 - Couldn't find anything
1 - Don't have an answer, but have what might be a lead
2 - Vague information
3 - Specific information, may or may not be pertinent
4 - At least one piece of specific, relevant info
6 - Primo info you're unlikely to find elsewhere.

[Information quality 1-6] - [Hits on Charisma + Etiquette] roll x50¥

Need to meet a guy about a thing, but don't know how to set it up? Allow me! Depending on how familiar I am with the contact, and how risky making contact is, there may be a fee.

[Subject's Connection rating +2] - [Hits on Charisma + Ettiquette] roll x200¥
or a favor TBD later.

 GEAR (Acquisition / Fencing):
Can't find that SOTA item you need to push your skills to the next level? Let me help! If I don't have it in stock, I'll ask around. You'll pay / receive fair market value, and I'll collect a small finder's fee.

Market Value * [My current Street Cred] * 5% in Nuyen.

Need something mundane, but hush-hush? Or something more obscure?  I'm here for you! Favors outside of normal business services will be quantified by risk
1 - Minor (Deliver a message, provide access to low-level restricted security area, etc)
2 - Low Risk (Loan gear <= 5K, etc)
3 - Medium (Provide access to mid-level restricted security area)
4 - Moderate Risk (Loan gear <= 50K)
5 - Serious (Provide access to high-level security area)
6 - Major Risk (loan gear <= 500K)

Business favor: standard cost 
(Optional "Friend Discount": [Charisma + Ettiquette] vs [Street Cred x2], net hits +/- 10%)
Personal Favor:
Favor TBD later, comparable risk

Something about Mr. Johnson not smell right? Need assurances (s)he won't backstab you when you're done? Let me hold the payment until the run's over!

10% of deposited amount

Find something hot while breaking their matrix security? Let me take it off your hands for you!

Base: 500¥ for sufficiently valuable data, with modifying factors including:
  • Exclusivity, Certified data, damage, proprietary format, & medium.

Need an extra icon in that ultraviolet node? Gimme a call! My specialties are in Electronic Warfare and Cybercombat!

500¥ / 12 hours.
("High-risk" work doubled)

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